Lords Mobile Bot

Auto farm on Windows, Mac, IPhone, and Android

Automatic Shielding
Complete customization lets you choose to shield all the time, or if you're getting attacked
Smart Auto Farming
We analyze patterns to determine the most efficient way to harvest resources from tiles
Automatic Troop Training
Train a certain amount, or continually train troops to a goal. Configurable to pull resources from bags or not
Automatic Research & Building Upgrade
We use Optimized algorithms to determine the best way to level up your skills and buildings
Auto Troop Healing
Heal your troops with configurable optins like pulling resources from bags or even using speedups
Automatic Guild Join & Resource Transfer
We make it easy and convenient to have farm accounts funnel resources
Automatic Sheltering
Configure to shelter always, during an attack, or never; Prioritize high tier troops or not
NEVER Stuck or Crashing
Other tools can have you asleep while the bot breaks and does nothing for 8 hours, this will never happen to you here
Automatic Guild Gift / Monster Hunting
Configure your bot to hunt monsters of different levels and times, with the ability to automatically open guild gifts
There's a lot more..
Pretty much everything in the game can be botted, join our discord to see if we support your feature! (we probably do)
AI Image Recognition

Advanced Learning

Unlike our competitors, this bot never gets stuck or crashes.

Designed to work for Multiple Platforms

Edit your bot's settings on-the-fly, anything with a browser.

See the bot
in action

You can be botting within 5 minutes.


Monthly Annual

Free Beta

Normally we charge for our subscriptions, however right now we're currently offering free beta access to users who want to help us test for bugs and other issues!
star star star star star
The auto shielding bot has saved me from getting zeroed countless times.
star star star star star
I've been farming resources and stacking materials since 2019!
star star star star star
Best bot for Lords Mobile, hands down.
star star star star star
I was skeptical of the tool but i used the trial and it actually worked pretty well for my PC!
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Zero Bans
AFKAdvantage is completely undetectable, no game will be able to tell that you are farming resources automatically or doing any sort of cheating! It is impossible to receive a ban for using our bot.
Farm while you sleep
You play the game for a couple of hours each day and see moderate progress, imagine what would happen if you were playing for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your progress would skyrocket to the top!
Save Money
Instead of buying packs and gems from Lords Mobile, this purchase will save you thousands of dollars and depending on how many accounts you run, you could even make so much that you will be able to sell your resources to others, making your subscription free!
We're 100% confident you'll love us
No other site has as good of a free trial as us. Most don't even have a trial! We don't make you pay a single cent before you try it, that's just how confident we are that we are the best at making Lords Mobile bots.